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| Sunday, May 21, 2006

83-years-old Mainland China's "national treasure" director Xie Jin will direct a new movie next month, the title of the movie is Romantic Evening (literally translated). Xie is a director which Andy had admired for very long, thus he took the initiative to recommend himself as the male lead and willing to lower his asking price to around HK$600,000 for the movie.

In the new movie, Andy would collaborate with Mainland China's actress He Cai Fei. Andy will be the principal of a primary school whom will fall in love with Cantonese Opera star He. Andy's character will be from 30 - 60-years-old, this would require Andy to don makeup to look old after Wait 'Til You're Older. It's a love story where the couple were in love for the whole of their life before getting together at the end of their lives.

Andy will not reject challenges of acting from young to old as he just exceeded the age limit performance in Wait 'Til You're Older. Xie understand the fees of the artistes but he frankly said that if Andy was to be cast, he would need to lower his asking price. Andy replied: "It's fine with me since you said so." Xie makes a 70-800,000 reminbi discount without any complaints from Andy.

Andy had knew that the development of Hong Kong movie industry had reached its limits, whereas there are still many talents in Mainland China, thus he wanted to collaborate with them thus he had collaborated with Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou in A World Without Thieves and House of Flying Daggers, he would also not argue of his asking fees in order to collaborate with Xie. The former 2 also requires Andy to make a landmark in the international areana, actually Xie initially wanted to approach a new actor for his movie as a good movie would promote a new actor, meanwhile he look for Andy as he think that Andy acted well.

news from: SingTao News, ChinaTimes

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