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| Thursday, May 11, 2006

Battle of Wits, which will opens in the cinemas during the summer holidays gathers Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Wang Zhiwen and many other actors, whereas Fan Bingbing is the only female character in the movie. She did not get to appear as a beauty in the movie, she's not even to be considered pretty in the movie. Bingbing said: "In Battle of Wits, not only that I applied cream to make my skin look tan, covered with dirt the whole day, furthermore there's no elegant costume, I only wore battle suit in the movie, but it gave me a satisfying feeling as this character is different from my previous characters, I'm satisfied."

Although being the only female in the movie, but it do shows that female is not the weaker sex. During the water cell scene shooting with Andy, she did not feel as cold as what Andy did. Bingbing quipped that she was in the minue 10 degree celius water for 7 hours, Andy also told her some anti-cold ways, which includes pouring hot water on the diving suit, but not to much help. Despite the cold, she still manage to smile and chat with the crew members, she also kept showing support to the crew members.

With regards to her hardworking and optimistic character, Andy sing praise of her: "This is Mainland China's most hardworking idol 'shi li pai' (with talent) actress."

news from: Sina.com

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