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| Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Produced by Peter Chan and directed by Derek Yee, a new movie of the theme of drugs had approached several stylish actors to "cross their boundaries" as Andy Lau and Louis Koo would be taking up negative characters to pit their acting skills with Daniel Wu. In order to accomodate the character, Louis need to lose weight and he tipped it as his biggest challenge in his career.

This HK$20 million production had been planned for years, although the shooting date had yet been fixed, but the actors list had been confirmed. Other than Andy to become a drug trafficker, Louis will be a drug addict whom ask his wife (Zhang Jing Chu) into prosituition to earn money in order to buy drugs. Most of the shooting will be done in Hong Kong, in addition with location shooting in Thailand, no reporting will be allowed to keep the characters' image a secret.

It's known that Andy and Louis would have normal screen time when compared to Daniel's mole role whom would be the main character, but there would be character's development and gun battles. In addition to Peter's partner Andre Morgan agree to distribute this movie in European markets, this would help Andy and Louis to break into the international market, thus both of them accepted to be cast in the movie. As Louis will be starting shooting in a Tsui Hark new movie and Andy had work on hand, the shooting date for this movie would depend on these 2 busy men's schedules.

news from: Oriental Daily News dtd 9 May 2006