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| Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In order to promote 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, Mainland China select Eddie Ng's composition - Olympics Beijing from 300 songs as the theme song. Under the command of music industry principal Alan Tam, all singers from Hong Kong show themselves at the recording studio for a huge duet. Jordan Chan, Andy Hui, Gigi Leung, William So, Hacken Lee, Paul Wong, Chelsia Chan, Shirley Kwan and others appeared to record the song.

Even the busy Andy Lau also specially take some time off for the recording, although he only get to sing 2 lines of the lyrics but he put in all efforts during the recording. As the recording studio does not allow interviews, the reporters were forced to interview the singers on the streets. Andy was also co-operative to stop for the reporters to take some photographs of him.

According to Alan, they were recording the Cantonese version of the song and they would set off to Taiwan and Mainland China to invite singers to record three different versions, namely Hong Kong, Taiwan and China's version.

news from: TVBS E-News

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