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| Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Song Zude whom was famous for his "big mouth" in Mainland China has a "new work".

During his promotion of a new film in Shanghai Television Festival, he brought out a photograph of a little boy claiming that it was the photograph of Andy Lau's "son", he claimed that he bought the photograph from Yu Kexin with $400,000. The "3-years-old son" was borne by Zhu Liqian and the photograph was bought from Zhu's nanny with $600,000 by a private investigator hired by Yu whom had initial plan of killing the "son".

He also added that Zhu borne Andy a "5-years-old daughter" and the "3-years-old son", he thinks that Andy should gave Yu a large sum of money for her "to enjoy the rest of her life".

Meanwhile, Yu whom is currently in Taipei was angry of the allegation as she exclaimed that she got a telephone call from Song two days ago to instruct her on the "photo of Andy's son that was bought from the private investigator", he also reminded her: "If reporters asked any questions, please don't tell them anything." Yu said that Song always exclaimed that he was attracted to her eyes which caused him to "lose his senses". Yu added: "It's surely the case of his failure to woo me and came up with such allegations!" Yu had contacted her lawyer in Mainland China to investigate this matter to bring a lawsuit on Song.

Andy whom was in Shanghai to attend his Focus First Cut's Crazy Stone press conference answered Song's allegations, his spokesman replied: "This is not true, Andy whom attended the premiere for Crazy Stone and never expected to see things crazier than the movie had happened." The spokesman added: "This is rubbish, we would not be replying on this matter."

news from: Ming Pao, SingPao, Sun News, udn news