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| Monday, June 19, 2006

Andy Lau had a Andy World Club gathering with 2,000 fans from all over the world on the night before jetting to Shanghai to attend Shanghai International Film Festival. As it's AWC's 18th anniversary thus it was a rowdy gathering, Andy also seize the chance to celebrate Father's Day with his father.

Andy invited Lam Ka-tung to perform several large scale magic performance with him, both of them are full of expressions and comical which won the cheers and applause from the fans and Andy's parents.

Lam pointed out that he was very excited of the magic performances as it's the first time that he would use knifes to "insert" into his boss. He exclaimed that he was really surprised when he was told that he could insert knifes into Andy. He quipped: "How would I have the heart to do this to such a good boss, but during the performance, when inserting at the most difficult position, I feel pressurise, adding on to the painful screams from Andy, my hands are shaking."

Andy performed "empty-heart-person" as Lam insert his hand into his body and "grope", suddenly a female assistant was grabbed out from his body.

Andy pointed out that these magic are small tricks as he hope to learn and perform more magic for his fans.

When asked if he would pass this "won't die after knifes inserted into body" trick to his good buddy Hacken Lee whom had many allegation recently with regards to his compering of the World Cup programme. Andy express that he also supported Hacken as he did a great job, the tempo of the programme is good, he can be considered as a professional compere, he should continue to work hard.

Andy says: "I think Hacken already had an iron body, nothing to be afraid of. If he really wants, I could teach him the skill, this trick is very easy to learn, inserting the knifes into a beauty will also do, hope it would chase the unhappiness away."

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com