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| Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Earlier Commercial Radio's Layman's Choice organised a Layman's Choice "real" Lau Wah King contest which invites fans of Andy Lau to join this contest. After many years of contests, the contest was won by a fan named Choi Lau Wah.

The 2 comperes Nath (dress up as Andy in Prince Charming) and Leo (dress up as Andy in Century of the Dragon) used the characters of Andy in his movies as theme yesterday to allow the contestants to compete to be the winner of the contest where Andy was present as the judge. Although Choi's outlook and size doesn't look like Andy but his singing is 80% similiar. Choi was quipped by Leo that he's yet-to-develop Lee Rock.

During the contest, Andy even help the contestants with their dressing up. When he was helping Choi to dress up as Lee Rock, he comb and gel Choi's hair up and said: "You looked rather handsome with all of your hair gel up, no need to headache." After saying this, laughters can be heard and Andy realise that he could have said something wrong, he tried to explain himself by saying: "I know what all of you are thinking of, I not trying to mean that!"

Andy pointed out that he had met the contestants as some perform singing and magic which is a test of understanding of him, with the theme as movies' characters, it would be a test of creativity.

In addition, Andy wanted to have a satisfied album sleeve which will be released in August, he endure 2 days of hunger. He says: "Actually I not really didn't ate anything, although I do not have a tummy, but without a tummy and abs is different, in order for the photographs to look as if I've abs thus I also seldom drink water for 2 days, lucky the photograph is acceptable."

Andy added: "The theme of the album is listening to the voices from the world, recently there's some strange incidents which includes "bus uncle", couples jump off the car after breaking up, it's very serious as it also includes anti-war messages, the photographer request me to climb out of the war hole, it must look like a man going to war instead of a pig going to war, must have a fit body, Aaron Kwok is the fittest at the moment."

Andy revealed that there would be 5-6 different image for the album sleeve. To accomodate the different image, after each image photograph was taken, some parts of his hair need to be trim. One of the image requires a bare-body Andy to be submerge in the water, to prevent him from catching a cold, diodes were insert into the water which result the temperature of the water to be too hot which he jump out of the water with his eyes red.

Andy added: "For this album's sleeve, I'll cut short my hair and later more major changes will comes as I need to dye my hair white for the role of a drug lord in my upcoming movie."

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

Andy Lau