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| Monday, June 12, 2006

Karena Lam attended a charity activity with Miss Hong Kong Erica Yuen at Ocean Terminal yesterday.

When talked about Andy Lau who recently won the Male that I Wanted to Hug award in RTHK exclaiming that she would be the female artiste that most male wanted to hug, Karena said: "Many thanks to him, but I really hope to collaborate with him, his acting is great and also take good care of newcomers, I admire him very much."

With regards to Andy's "ox" (hardworking) nickname, Karena quipped that it's very suitable for him as Andy's hardworking spirit is worth to learn from.

When asked if she thought of collaborating with Andy in a love scene, Karena quipped that she would rather pit their acting skills, compare who is more evil, Haha!

news from: SingPao, Ta Kung Po