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| Sunday, June 18, 2006

As Andy Lau need to work today, despite everyday is Father's Day to him but he still never forget to celebrate in advance with his family, he also gave his father around HK$10 million which is estimated to be his asking fee for a movie. Andy says: "My father had high requirements, this year I don't have the time to buy a present for him, thus I decided to give him the asking fee for the movie that I would start shooting in July, it's for him to buy whatever he like."

Other than his family members, Andy never forget to show his concern to the elderly. Despite the black storm warning, Andy still drop by SAGE Quan Chuen Home for the Elderly to spent Father Day's with the elderly whom had poor health or their children not in Hong Kong to celebrate with them. Andy squat down to hold their hands and chat with them. Andy also played games with the elderly as he first did some warm-up exercise with 50 elderly before shooting penalty kicks to giev them some feel of the World Cup. Andy was the goalkeeper, when the elderly took their kick, Andy immediately dive to catch the ball while the elderly burst into laughters.

During the question and answer segment, Andy saw a nanny whom was his former neighbour as she quipped: "I'm your neighbour, do you recognise me? I remember that your family runs a roasted meat store, your mother always wanted to be an artist's mother, you're such an obedient son." Andy then had a childish smile.

Then there was one elderly whom has Andy's photograph in hand and said: "Andy, you're my idol, can you autograph for me, I want to dedicate a song for you to sing!" However, the elderly dedicate Sally Yeh's 'Xiao Xia Zuo Yi Hui' which Andy doesn't know whether to cry or smile.

Andy also transformed into a magician as he perform magic for the elderly, he also help to trim the hair of the elderly where one uncle raise his thumb and said: "Very good!"

Andy said: "These overage children are very friendly and mischievious, I delighted playing with them, still manage to see my former neighbour, luckily never say bad things of me and praise me obedient. Actually for Father's Day, we shall not forget all fathers, we should show concern to them, today I played game and trim hair for them, I help one uncle to cute the hairstyle of me in Infernal Affairs, another one I cut the hairstyle of Tony Leung in 2046, they're so happy!"

news from: Apple Daily News