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| Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Andy Lau was in Shanghai to attend the press conference and premiere of one of his Focus First Cut's project, Crazy Stone. His presence attracted more than 200 reporters to "support" the heavenly king.

Before the premiere, the organiser arranged director Ning Hao to talk with the press. However when reporters detected Andy at the door, screams can be heard as all the camera lens changed to his direction.

Discovering that he had snatch the limelight, he hide behind the door and this does not stop the reporters to stop snapping away. On seeing the situation, the organiser quickly asked Andy to come onstage. The reporters then exclaimed: "Andy, look here!" ; "Andy wave your hand!", the moment Andy went onstage, it started a 5-minutes photo-taking session.

Andy wore a causal black western suit, he appeared tired and slimmer than before. Similiar to past events, he's still the prince charming of the female audience. When he appeared, he immediately received a bouquet of flowers from a pretty lady.

As Ning Hao is the only representative of his Focus First Cuts' director from Mainland China, thus he came with a jade necklace as gift for him.

Throughout the 1.5 hours of screening, there would be laughters for every 3 minutes and there were at least 20 times of applauses. After the screening, the audience applause for a total of 5 minutes.

Seated at the fifth row, Andy was delighted of his invested film's popularity, and he loved every characters in the movie including the supporting characters as he immediately asked Ning Hao: "I hope to collaborate with you, what about in your next movie? I can't wait to collaborate with you."

Andy added: "After reading the script, I knew that Ning Hao will do well, now the end result exceeded my initial expectations. Previously when I watch Ning Hao's previous movie - Mongolian Pingpong, I feel that the humour could not be found in Hong Kong movies." Andy express his disappointment not to be cast in Crazy Stone as he quipped: "Ning Hao look on the outlook, when I introduce myself initially, he told me that my image is a far distance from this movie."

However he appeared nervous during the question and answer segment. It's not known if he's afraid of questions asking about his "son", all reporters has no rights of coming up with questions as other than questions asked on World Without Thieves, the other questions were pre-set by the organiser.

Reporters asked that Crazy Stone was similiar to Feng Xiaogang's World Without Thieves as even the commercials was similiar. Andy answers: "This is also the first time that I watch the whole movie. If any parts that's similiar to World Without Thieves, I can only say that it's coincidence."

After a few questions being asked and 20 minutes passed, the oragnsier announced that the press conference had come to an end. Andy then said to the reporters: "Thanks you, hope everyone could promote this movie, this is not a bad movie."

The reporters shouted out his name and questions to display their unhappiness. Seeing the situation is not right, Andy runs to the reporters to hear their questions, before the reporters could say "Song Zude", the compere immediately said in a louder volume that the event has come to an end before Andy was being escort away by the crew members.

When reporters contacted Andy's management company with regards to the "son's photograph" matter, they only replied: "Currently there are too many crazy stone." The company's spokesman exclaimed that Andy would only spent time to promote the movie and would not care of such allegations.

news from: Sina.com