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| Tuesday, June 20, 2006

After watching the premiere of Crazy Stone, Andy Lau was delighted with the movie and its director Ning Hao. After the press conference had ended, Andy had an exclusive discussion with Sina.

Sina (S) : Andy, Crazy Stone is one of the project of Focus First Cuts, how you come about this plan?

Andy (A) : Before starting Focus First Cuts, my company went out to look for some new directors and found out that many new directors had directed good films. After watching Mongolian Pingpong, the kind of humour is within my heart, I will feel that it's slow when watching it. I then picked the director of Mongolian Pingpong and asked my staff to check if he has any new projects and I need to discuss a collaboration with him. Then he gave me crazy stone, a movie similiar to a Hong Kong production. Maybe the director need to change a bit by looking at the commercial side, after that I only watch it today, I feel that it's higher than my expectation.

S : Are you very satisfied with Ning Hao's movie?

A : I'm extremely delighted! I've nothing more to say.

S : So how you think Crazy Stone will fare in the market?

A : I think if I can accept it, the audience will accept it too. Because I'm very commercialise, the market should accept around 90%.

S : How you think about the box office collection?

A : This is hard to say, box office collection is not related to a good movie.

S : Crazy Stone is a movie converse in Sichuan language, wil you think people from other areas or countries would accept it?

A : I'm not sure of Mainland China, if it's overseas like Hong Kong, no matter what language, whether you understand, he's only watching, if it's a dialect, I think it's passable.

S : Crazy Stone is a black humour, do you think this is a genre that's worth looking at? So would your company produce black humour movies?

A : I hope, I hope Chinese movies can be similiar to European movie. I watched some European movies, they're commercialise but the the quality is there. Amercia is different, I heard that Infernal Affairs made a huge change, I've yet watch it, they will look at the commercial value and change the whole feeling. I feel that Ning Hao's direction should to something like Woody Allen, maybe one day he be shooting comedies.

S : Would the audience in Hong Kong like Crazy Stone?

A : After watching it today, my first thought is to bring this movie to Hong Kong, I feel that they should feel it too.

S : As a producer, how would you promote this movie in Hong Kong?

A : As I don't have a complete distribution network in Hong Kong, I will approach some very good people to watch it and we can screen it in some artistic cinemas in order for the audience to accept it.

news from: Sina.com