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| Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yu Kexin held a press conference in Taipei yesterday to clarify that she had no intention of "hiring someone to murder Andy Lau's son", with regards to Song Zude exposing her, she feel that: "So sorry to Mr. Lau!"

Yu expressed that she's unsure of Andy's current love life as it does not concern her. She said yesterday: "Everything about Andy Lau is none of my business and does not concern me, he has no children, I don't care and not asked about it, if it hurt our beloved heavenly king, this is what I would not like to see."

Yu then admit: "Song tried to woo me and I rejected him, he then approached me to be in a sex enhancement commercial where he will be my husband and the fees being raise to NT$2 million from NT$200,000, such commerical tarnish my image thus I won't accept it no matter how high the fee is. All this accumlated, maybe he hate me."

On Song creating news using her name, she's very troubled as Song helped her set up a blog on Sina and post messages without her permission which angers her, she said: "Never expected that such matters still related to me!"

news from: SingPao, ChinaTimes, udn news