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| Monday, July 31, 2006

Soft Hard Long Time No See concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum was into its third night two nights ago where Andy Lau was one of the special performing guests. Eric Kot immediately prove that Andy's nose did not go through any "modification" while Jan Lam used his hand as a "gun" to point at Andy's head to say: "I'm a cop" as what Chan of Infernal Affairs had said, the audience burst into laughters.

Other than Andy, several celebrities were among the audience include Hacken Lee, Charlene Choi, Stephy Tang, Sandra Ng, Margie Tsang, Chapman To, Tin Yui Lee, Daniel Wu and Jaycee Chan. Soft Hard made fun of Jackie Chan's drunk incident in Hong Kong Coliseum which the audience burst into laughters whereas Jaycee didn't.

Andy whom wore the Soft Hard black uniform raised from the platform under the stage to sing 'Wo Heng Wo Ci Xin' which lights up the audiences' spirits. When Eric appear, he had a "sneak attack" on Andy's nose and announce: "Recently it was alleged in magazine that your nose is different from the past, tonight I'll take a closer look, this nose is the real thing, the same as the one in Eagle Hunter, if undergone surgery would be different, it has not undergone any surgery!"

The stage design was similiar to a building's rooftop as a mischievious Jan used his hand as a gun to point at Andy's head to renact the classic scene of Chan and Lau in Infernal Affairs. Jan said: "I'm a cop!" which Andy answered: "Who knows?" to the audience burst into laughters. Jan then sing praise of Andy having fast reaction and know how to joke before he and Eric kowtow to Andy. They also change the lyrics of Andy's 'Wang Qing Shui' lyrics which makes him burst into laughters. During their duet with Andy, they also change the lyrics of 'Du Zi Qu Tou Huan' to "Andy loves bowling, Andy loves reading ... Andy is great .... good at calligraphy... since when I put my nose under the knife..." , the audience replied with loud applause. Jan then quipped that: "You're the real owner of the Hong Kong Coliseum."

When Soft Hard congratulate Andy of holding his own solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in July 2007, Andy announced a bad news: "I wanted to cry, the government just rejected my application, they told me that many government activities need to be organised at the Coliseum in July, they asked me to send in another application for slots after 15 August."

Andy then quipped that Soft Hard could lead his fans for a demostration on the streets. Jan then quipped that Andy's popularity is higher when compared to Chief Executive Donald Tsang. Andy then quipped: "Maybe whoever has show in July, I'll be there, or all of you don't watch the shows in July, save up the money to watch me instead!" The audience then applause in agreement.

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