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| Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Earlier Andy Lau wore a red beret, armed with a rifle and dagger for an outdoor shoot for the cover of City Magazine. He talked about his Hollywood dream and exclaimed that his investment in movies these few years is to nurture new directors and not for profit as this is his beloved Hong Kong, he hoped that Hong Kong movies could flourish.

Andy was on the cover of City Magazine 30th anniversary issue, he shot a series of The Motorcycle Diaries photographs, wearing a singlet and red beret, carrying a rifle, he talked about his personal dream of creating a revolution which is not political nor democractic but rather Hong Kong movies' dreams and future.

In the interview, Andy revealed that before he enrolled himself into the artiste training classes, he was already doing some backstage works, until today which is entered showbiz for 30 years. In recent years, he invested in movies to nurture new directors in his Focus First Cuts, he exclaimed that he was doing according to his heart's direction rather than his name. He says: "When I entered showbiz, I hope it will be great rather than people remembering my name forever, I would rather people remembering my Hong Kong movies forever would be enough, to be the same as Hollywood, even it's a 100 years wait, because whenever people write about movies, they will write about Hollywood."

Andy continues: "I feel that Hong Kong isn't that bad, we've a hit movie in Hollywood, that's Infernal Affairs which is a first!" He exclaimed that every actor including Lam Ka Tung and Anthony Wong had outstanding performance, he anticipated to watch Matt Damon's performance and how the Hollywood version of Infernal Affairs put the Buddhist belief and thoughts of Infernal Affairs into a Western movie.

Talking about investing, Andy expressed surely he will lose money, but this will make him to work harder, he says: "New directors find it hard to get a chance as the Hong Kong market is too small. When I invest in one movie, it would cost $3-4 million, that's within my ability which is a different thinking of mine, if it doesn't lose money, my highest record is owning 9 cars, when I'm free I'll let magazine reporters to take photographs of them. what a show off! I would spend my money without thinking now, this small project is like a school doing small production, it's like nurturing, one may not be a grand master but it need to be done."

news from: Apple Daily News