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| Friday, September 29, 2006

Peter Chan long preparation of the remake of The Blood Brothers would start shooting soon, it was alleged that the male leads would be Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. During a press conference yesterday, Peter refuse to confirm on the allegations as he revealed that only one of the 3 actors is confirmed, he was referring to Jet Li, whereas he was still discussing with Andy and Takeshi.

When asked about the 3 alleged actors, Peter refused to answer the question directly, he said: "Better don't ask me whom will I cast in the movie, anyway the allegation is not true. (All are not true?) Some are true some are not, only one is confirmed, but the female lead had yet been decided, we'll announce the cast in the near future!" Peter shall be referring that only Jet Li is confirmed. There's another allegation that Tony Leung Kar Fai would also be cast in the movie, but Peter denied the allegation forcefully.

With regards being cast for the remake of The Blood Brothers, Andy answered through his assistant: "We did discuss about it, at the current stage, nothing can be revealed." Meanwhile, Takeshi's manager in Taiwan denied any contacts about the movie.

news from: Sun News