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| Friday, October 20, 2006

Andy Lau, Nicky Wu and director Jacob Chang were at Commercial Radio yesterday to promote their movie A Battle of Wits.

When talked about rhe reverse handshake which represent a triad gesture was censored in the movie Exiled, Andy said: "From what I was told, director Johnnie To never thought that it's a triad hand gesture, but he could do nothing when the government think so. Battle of Wits is on the positive side, if the government would help in the promotion, it would be great!"

Earlier, there was reports that Andy and Leon Lai would be singing each other's songs in the upcoming TVB anniversary show which is consider "a ice breaking performance", when told of "ice breaking performance", Andy smile and said: "Before this we did duet before, but it's since a long time that we collaborate, it's not ice breaking. The possibility of collaborating is quite high, but I'm not sure what songs we'll be singing, we're still thinking!"

Andy express that he could not confirm if there will be this segment but he hope to help the male singers to victory, he says: "The performance of the male singers were not good last year, thus we failed to be crowned champion, I performed breaking stone on my chest and Shawn Yue cross-dress and we still lose to the female singers. I believe we lose in luck, I believe this year's luck is better and a fortune teller told me that this year the male singers will win." Andy then added: "If I cross-dress or Leon cross-dress would be fine, there will be higher chance of winning, but if we cross-dress together, that will be scary! Leon would also not look so well if he cross-dress as female."

Meanwhile, Kenny Bee booked a restaurant to celebrate after being discharge of bankruptcy. Andy, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Ng Ka Lok were there to celebrate for him with a feast of Alaska crabs, lobsters, beluga and wines. Andy stayed for only 20 minutes. With regards to reports that Kenny would be marrying his girlfriend, Andy express that what he knew was read from the newspaper, he's not sure of the whole issue.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po