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| Sunday, October 15, 2006

His voice is already hoarse, his eyes were swollen, if those fans in Pusan whom had been following him around had see his "suffering looks", they might had cried, from early in the morning till 2200 hours, he only took some salad, other than that, he had been running around to several public and private appearances to communicate with all kind of people, he will never change his hardworking habit....

When Andy Lau seat down for our interview, he's all tired out, extremely hungry, when the cameramen were adjusting their cameras, he rushed off to a nearby counter to grab a piece of pizza and took a bite, seeing the situation, we initially wanted him to fill his stomach before carry out our interview, but he shake his hand and said: "I can do it, no need."

This is truly Andy Lau, his never lose out character will follow him wherever he goes, whatever he do must be prefect. There's time it would be worrying if his body could not take it? Sometimes, it's puzzling that he had reached such status and why he's still so hardworking? We will find the answers in this interview with him as we get near this all smiles and never say die heavenly king....

For the past few days in Pusan, Andy could be considered the most busy artiste, from early morning he will start work and busy till night time. The sun and beaches in Pusan is not related to him at all, he's been running around and still full of energy, his name of 'tie-ren' (superman) is indeed true.

When asked that he had obtained today's status, why he's still so hardworking, did he ever consider of resting? Been in the busines for so many years, did he ever considered giving up when going into a rough patch? Andy answered: "I never thought of giving up, maybe I like my job. In addition, these few days in Pusan, I could discuss plans of collaboration with Korean filmmakers, to contribute something for Hong Kong movies, help those director in Hong Kong for some chances...."

Although in public appearance, Andy was singing praise of Korean movies and the film festival, after chit chatting with him, we could sense that he still have huge confidence of Chinese movies, he says: "Talking of the Korean craze, actually our movies had been improving, if you look at the Korean media, Japanese media, they are talking about Chinese movies, from this point, Chinese movies must continue to work hard and not give up, the chances has come, if you do not do well, this can't be blame, if everybody carry on, I believe, finally one day, the Chinese wave will be back, it will be a better future!"

The low budget Crazy Stone becoming a success, Andy's Focus First Cuts had finally become famous. Talking about nurturing new directors and investing in different genres movies, Andy quipped: "There was a time when Hongkongers were saying, any movie that Andy Lau invested will lose money." For now, the low budget Crazy Stone had made a "crazy" success, he finally made himself proud.

"Actually before the downturn of Hong Kong movie industry, we should be doing this, although now it's a bit late, it's better than not doing it at all, a good movie industry require movies of different generes, it require more fresh and creative directors, this is the reason why I set up Focus First Cuts. They might have flaws and made mistakes, but we need them, therefore I collaborate with directors of different countries, give them some money to do what they want. I could not give them a lot of money, also don't dare to give them, I have this ability, in between, maybe some of them committed mistake, made the wrong decision in business, lost some money, but with one movie like Crazy Stone to do so well, we need not afraid, we're able to lose the money! Therefore, if a suitable chance comes by, I plan to produce 20 movies!"

Andy had an old movie called 'Tian Zi Men Sheng' (literally translated into English as heavenly top student; actual English title is Hong Kong Godfather), thus asked Andy if these directors are heavenly top students, Andy answeres: "Don't give them any pressure! If the audience feel that their films are not good, could tell them through the media, or tell me directly." Andy express that he hope these people could borrow his name and goes a smoother path, but he does not want to have any pressure on them, thus hope the media could be more tactful and not gave them the death sentence as they are newcomers when they made mistakes.

In the movie Initial D, Chapman To did said that god is also human, only he could do things that man could not do, therefore he become god. If we look back at heavenly king Lau, his hardworking, he never say die to nurture newcomers, he's forever so spirited, he all smiles in public appearance, his success all these years, he never have a downturn in his career....

On the current Andy Lau, you would not find any trace of Andy during the Moment of Romance days, he's still being followed by fans and loved by them, without any negative news, he's almost a prefect artiste. But having all these, he had been through many hardship. Therefore in this Pusan International Film Festival, Andy clearly see himself clearly, "This had to thanks Hong Kong movies, from 1991 I started to come to Korea to act, the current veterns in Korea, I knew all of them, because we collaborate many years ago."

When talked about his years of hardship, Andy says: "Everyone start from a small actor, I have 120 movies to my name, some good, some bad, some people sing praise of, some people condemn, but in life, it's also the same? The in-between is actally the wealth in the end."

All the hardworks that Andy had put in these 20 years, he finally won honours and success. Andy's fans are all over the world, they also witness how Andy walk into success films after films.

The last question for Andy is about his mystery love life which is also dramatic. When we asked him that he was busy everyday, had he thought of this question or made any planning? Andy points his finger to the sky, with all smiles he answers: "I'm a very easy going person, for a good man like me, the heaven will take care of me! My marriage will be handled by him, he will let me know when to get marry, then I will follow his instruction!"

During these few days in Pusan, everyday there's news of Andy as he appeared in all kinds of activities, and appear in all sort of venues. In Pusan, Andy is the king of popularity, this is like his homeground, this is Asia's biggest and gathering of the most artistes film festival, the first few days had become his personal film festival.

After meeting with Andy, this heavenly king idol is no longer mystery, many times, I have a strange feeling that this person is born for the stage. On stage, he had performed for so many years, he never get sick of it, still full of energy, perform to his best and move on to the next stage. Maybe he had combine his life with the stage, thats why we could not differentiate the difference between him on and off stage.

The stage gave Andy the hard to experience honour and glory, therefore he does not bare to lose what he's having now, he's more devoted than other heavenly kings. For it, he willing to give his all, it hard to see a vetern after in the business for so many years and still work hard for every minute.

On this point, Andy is a combination of heaven and human, he process top-notch acting that nobody else has. He's worth everyone's respect.

news from: yule.sohu.com