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| Sunday, October 15, 2006

Andy Lau and his Focus First Cuts entourage made an appearance at Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) around 1300 hours yesterday, My Mother is a Belly Dancer's female lead Tin Yui Nei, Love Story's Lin Yi Lun, Rain Dog's director Ho YuHang and My Mother is a Belly Dancer's director Lee Kung Lok. The Korean audience was stranger to these new artistes and directors but under the influence of Andy, it was also a high atmosphere. The close to 1 hour meet-the-fans session allow Andy to show off his charisma again.

Before the session starts, an introduction of the artistes and directors, however it can be seen that all fans present were here to see Andy, the fans came from Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Under the hot sun, some shield themselves from the sunlight with newspapers, towel as they seated orderly, all of them carried the fan club's logo to wait for their idol arrival, several of them are "si lai" status fans. Although Andy didn't made an appearance, the fans also show loud applause to the artistes and directors, it seems that Andy's 20 years of guidance and teaching to his fans are no joke.

Andy whom is dressed causally appeared, he looked more handsome and close to the fans when compared to the black suit he wore earlier.

The female translater kept whisper into the ears of Andy, believe it would envy several fans. Andy dare to quipped: "She's my Korean girlfriend!"

This surprised the fans as he added fuel by saying: "She's accompany me these few days every minute!" Then he placed his arm around the translater's shoulder and said: "I will see her when I'm taking breakfast!"

On seeing the "angry" fans, Andy then mumble a few words and asked the fans if they understand, unexpectedly the fans replied that they understand which made Andy burst into laughters and quipped: "You could understand even I mumble, haha!"

When asked about the impression of Korea, every artistes and directors said good words. One of the director said: "I particpated in PIFF last year, the audience was not so enthusiastic, but I'm also so happy!" Andy then added: "Korean are very friendly, hope to come again next year!" The fans present screamed in delight as Andy is very good in is words.

In addition, Andy and the new female director also sing praise of one another. The female director said: "I'm very lucky to have the most handsome boss in the world, when I saw him during Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards, I was looking at him from far and thinking when I could cast Andy in my movies, never expected he became my boss!" Out of courtesy, Andy said: "You're the most pretty female director that I've seen!"

news from: Sina.com