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| Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A press conference for A Battle of Wits was held yesterday where Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, director Jacob Chang and producer Tsui Siu Ming attended as they particpated in the light-up ceremony.

Nicky said on stage that Andy is very hardworking and very active like a kid, he also become a translator as the movie also has Japanese actors. Andy quipped that he couldn't handle the translations.

Andy exclaimed that injuring his leg during shooting is the most memorable, luckily there's no after effects. He also revealed that he lose his temper once during shooting the scene of 1,000 corpses, he said: "1,000 extras acted as corpses as they were thrown into the hole, stacking onto of one another to be buried but the crew members took their own sweet time, I could not hold it any longer and scolded them as it's tough on the extras, but who would dare to lose temper to the director?"

There's another scene where he need to search for Fan Bingbing underwater, but he mistaken the female divers twice as the water is dirty thus vision is poor. When asked if he touched their "important areas", Andy quipped: "I don't think so, if I really do so, of course I'll deny."

With regards to a scene in the movie Exiled where a reversed hand shake between Simon Yam and Lam Ka Tung was requested by the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) to be censored in order to be classified as Category IIB or be classified as Category III movie.

Andy said: "I've watched that particular scene, I'm not sure what's the rules and regulations of TELA, most importantly must by decided by the feelings of the audience. If it clearly shown as a triad hand gesture, censor it is unavoidable, I think Johnnie To should consider changing his style of shooting movie to suit the rules and regulations of TELA. But I'm not sure how TELA deem this as a gesture of a triad member."

Andy pointed out that he's used to use the opposite hand to shake hand with the other party, he says: "Sometime when the right hand is clutch, left hand can be used to shake hand." He then demostrate at the spot. He continues: "Actually it depends on the motive, if the motive is to represent triad hand posture, it will be a problem. No matter what, it doesn't matter whether the scene to be censored is not important."

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po