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| Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heavenly kings Andy Lau and Leon Lai would both be the male singers captains in this year's TVB Anniversary programme to compete against Kelly Chen and Joey Yung's female singers. The main attraction would be putting both of them in a songs round robin segment which sure trigger the ratings.

In the early 90's, both Andy and Leon were ruling the music industry as both camps of fans were against each other! When Andy was singing on stage, a Leon fan throw a light stick onto the stage. It was also alleged that when both were vying for the Most Popular Male Singers, both camps of fans were scolding at each other or booing the opposite singers.

Till now, Leon and Andy had collaborated in a duet in 2003 and seldom have chances to collaborate with one another for some years. TVB's invitation to both of them to collaborate as the male singers' team captains, perform in a songs round robin segment to celebrate the occassion and battle against the female singers. It's alleged that both of them had agreed for the collaborated segment, but Leon rejected the offer to be one of the male singer's captain.

TVB producer admitted that both had agreed to the duet, he said: "We're still selecting the songs, most importantly for this collaboration is everybody is comfortable and delighting the audience. It's yet to confirm that Andy and Leon to be the captains for the male singers, it depends on their schedule." He also revealed that Leon had agreed to attend the press conference whereas Andy need to confirm his schedule.

Meanwhile Leon's recording company high official express that they will try their best to arrange the schedule for him, "TVB suggested that they duet, we will try our best to accomodate and support this happy occasion! (It's alleged that they're not on good terms?) The problem lies with the fans at that time, the music industry is like that then, they're fine with each other! (Leon as one of the captains?) To be a captain one need to stay from the start till the end of the show, Leon need to work on the post production of his music movie, he does not have so much time to rehearse, he could not be the captain!"

Andy's spokesman expressed that everything is not yet confirmed.

In addition, after collaborating with Andy in A Battle of Wits, Korean actor Ahn Si-kung had become good friends with Andy as he said: "Actually I wish to collaborate with Andy again! However I'm starting on my new film, believed I'll be very busy, hope I could attend the premiere in Hong Kong and enjoy my holiday with Andy!"

news from: Oriental Daily News