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| Friday, October 06, 2006

The Departed, Hollywood's remake of Infernal Affairs will be screened today, the premiere was held two nights ago at Times Square where Andy Lau, Alan Mak, Peter Lam, Lam Ka Tung, Cheung Yiu Yeung and Mango Wong attended the premiere.

When Andy attended a Richburg Lotus car show yesterday, as he was tasked to reveal a sports car that worth $560,000. He expressed that he seldom drive and could be considered as "December driver" or "Sunday driver" as he would drive at least once every year. Andy checked the price of the white sports car as he exclaimed that he love to speed as he would race in Zhuhai before but he dare not drive too fast as he does not wish anything to happen to him.

Andy revealed that he once sat in the car of racer Lyu Mi Gao which gave him a scare, he was really too fast. He was also experience being deducted 14 points which almost cause him his driving license.

Andy said that the sports car used in James Bond movies was designed by Richburg Lotus and he hope that he will be casted in a 007-style Hong Kong movie where the company would also design a sport car for him to be used during filming.

Andy was asked on how he feel of The Departed. He said: "Ok!" When asked what's the different between The Departed and Infernal Affairs, he exclaimed that The Departed is like a combination of elements of Infernal Affairs trilogy, example of the Infernal Affairs III's mental difficulties was added into The Departed, he quipped: "Hollywood only purchase the copyright of Infernal Affairs, I need we need to do some re-calculation, I'm not sure if they could withstand the length of the movie, in Hong Kong seldom we had movie that last 2.5 hours, it would be better if it's shorter."

With regards to Matt Damon's performance as his Lau Kit Meng character, Andy feel that it's very different as he was criticise not good for his acting as he does not look evil enough because he feel that he could not put up an evil look in a police station but Matt manage to act out the evil look, however for facial expression, everybody would be able to accept it and like such acting.

If it was to compared the two movies, the Hong Kong version would be more commercialise, when asked if he's disappointed with The Departed? He said: "Nope, the script is not bad, I feel that every actor done very well." Andy pointed out that The Departed does not include Infernal Affair's catch phrases, but he think that they used too much foul language. When asked how many marks would he give the movie, he answers: "Both versions would be given 8 marks out of a total of 10 marks, what I don't like is that they combine the 2 female leads (Sammi Cheng and Kelly Chen) into one, I don't think that the two male leads would love the same woman, but the movie is worth to watch, as the story is good, a certain standard would be there even in another country."

news from: SingTao News, Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Sina.com