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| Friday, October 27, 2006

A Battle of Wits which boast a cast of Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Fan Bingbing, Ahn Si-kung, Choi Si Won and many other actors from Asia will be screened at the end of November. It's a collaborated production between Mainland China's Huayi Brothers, Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd, Japan's Comstock Ltd and Korea's Boram Entertainment Inc with a budget of US$1.6 million. It's the first chinese movie that gather four major film companies in Asia to invest in the same movie.

"If this comic does not lies on the hands of Jacob Chang, maybe I'll not take up this movie!", being the main character - Ge Li of the movie, Andy belief in director Jacob is unbelieveable as it surprised the Chinese audience. Actually Andy was cast as the male lead in Jacob first movie The Last Eunuch in China in 1986 where the movie won nominations for Best Director in the 8th Hong Kong Films Awards, Best Actor; Best Supporting Actor and Best Script in 25th Golden Horse Film Awards. Andy said: "The Last Eunuch in China is Jacob's first movie, whereas Battle of Wits is a movie that he waited for 10 years, he would not change his style of this movie whether things happened, this is what I think Jacob is good at. We collaborated again after 20 years, this is affinity!"

However, Andy exclaimed that he's familiar and loved the original comic as he had already read it when the first version of the movie was out, he loved the script and would like to shoot the movie, but then his own production company was unable to produce the movie. When he wanted to shoot the movie again in 2000, the copyright was already been taken up. Therefore, when Jacob approached Andy for the movie, he listen to Jacob's thoughts and feel that the director has his own thinking which is what he had anticipated. Therefore, without "friendship and talent", without Jacob Chang, there won't be a whole heartedly presentation of Ge Li by Andy Lau.

news from: Sina.com