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| Sunday, October 22, 2006

Andy Lau was interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin yesterday and when asked about Hacken Lee's wedding date, Andy quipped: "I remember that he's getting married and I'll be the best man, but I was not informed which day would it be, I asked him to tell me, I'm a superstar, I may not attend if I'm busy."

As Hacken's best man, is he worried that he could not get through the sisters' asking for entrance red packet? Andy answered in a relax mood: "I'm not scared, I think they won't go too much, it's not only saying me handsome and wealthy will do, furthermore the money should be from Hacken. (If Hacken is short of money, would you help him?) Don't say so, Hacken had lots of money, Haha."

It's been lots of good news in showbiz this year, so when asked if he thought of getting married? Andy quipped: "It's this question again, it's just testing me again, seeing if I let out any news, haha, anyway I'm happy for them, I do hope that they feel happy for me, I'll work hard. (No planning?) There's no planning, it's so far away, just like shooting movie, this few years old warrior, me getting married is equal to my movie. (Then we need to wait another 10 years?) I don't know, but movie also has overnight success."

In the upcoming personalised car plate bidding, ANDY LAU is one of them up for bidding, Andy does not consider bidding as he does not hope to spend so much money on a car plate, let say bidding for it, if nobody is bidding it, it would cost HK$5000 for a car plate, the remaining $990,000 could be donated to charities, it's better than pouring the water away. Andy think that spending millions to buy a car plate is acceptable, as he tried using $10,000 on a car plate, if to use $50,000 on a car plate, he could have used calligraphy to write the car plate, it would be a $5000 fine when caught.

news from: Wei Wen Po