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| Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In a recent TV programme, Andy Lau talked about the funny moments when shooting Battle of Wits.

Andy expressed that he was attracted to Battle of Wits' story long time ago, he even thought of shaving his head for the movie and be the producer for this movie, however he didn't get his wish as he did not know whom bought the copyright until he collected the script in 2003, Andy feel that he was suitable for the role, he also made request for his character: "My request was that my character does not wear a costume that's not from that period, it must be realistic."

When talked about location shooting in Inner Mongolia, he had to shoot a scene that he rescue Fan Bingbing in -15 degrees muddy water. Andy had to fight the coldness for 3 days and quipped that he used the most ancient way to keep himself warm. He said: "I was wearing diver suit to keep myself warm, I also pour warm water into it, but it get too cold during shooting, thus I used the most ancient method to keep myself warm, that is urinate once .... to obtain some warmth."

Andy added that when he rescue Fan Bingbing, it was so dark that he's not sure which part he touches but after coming up to the surface, he found out that he rescue the female diver instead.

news from: tom.com