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| Sunday, October 29, 2006

The 6th Global Chinese Music Awards was held yesterday with Andy Lau and Stefanie Sun garning the Most Popular Male and Female Singer award. This was the third time that Andy and Stefanie attended the ceremony, an excited Stefanie said: "I'm so shy, but I'm a girl, no matter how excited I must hold on to it."

When both of them hold their hands to walk down the red carpet, both exclaimed that they're "electrocuted" by each other. Andy said that he felt warmth and "electrocuted" when he held Stefanie's hand on the red carpet, whereas Stefanie also quipped that she was "electrocuted" by Andy as he gave out a lot of "electricity"!

Both Stefanie and Andy won 5 awards snatching the limelight. Andy whom had not released an album for 2 years thus absent himself from the award ceremony, however this year he managed to win back the Most Popular Male Singer and Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Singer.

Although the "4 Heavenly King era" had passed long ago, but Andy still garned the most nominations for this year's ceremony with his hardwork. Whereas for the fans that attended the ceremony, Andy's fans does not lose out to other singers' fans as they show their support with screams.

In the end, Andy became the biggest winner with his 5 awards which includes Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Singer, Best Album, Most Popular Male Singer, 20 Top Songs, Top 5 of Most Popular Male Singer. Although being through many such events and received many awards, Andy's smile is still so happily.

news from: udn news, ChinaPress, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Sina.com