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| Saturday, October 28, 2006

Andy Lau's Battle of Wits will open in the cinemas on 23 November, the movie contains many impressive battle scenes, one of them was Andy's character Ge Li battling with Zhao country's general Hung Tin Ming (son of Sammo Hung), Hung was also hit by arrows, it looked very realistic.

In order for the effects to be good, Andy specially consulted and rehearse several times with action director Dong Wei. Andy quipped: "Although it's been some time that I shoot an action scene, but my skills are still there, my punches are still strong. When I was practicing with the art director's assistant, I just gave a few light punches, on that very night he told me that he was suffering from some swelling, did I hit too hard?" Although Hung is of a bigger built that Andy, with his 40 pounds costume, thus Andy would need tons of strength in order to injure him, this is the speciality of Ge Li, using his brain to solve the problem.

Hung had his career based in Taiwan, with regard to his battle with Andy, he feel pressurise as he had discussed with his father whom told him that he must put feelings in during acting, if he was to relax, the audience would be able to see the lack of feelings on the silver screen, therefore Sammo wanted Hung to do his best when fighting with Andy, no matter what happened, he will explain to Andy on his son's behalf.

news from: Ta Kung Po