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| Monday, October 30, 2006

Without a doubt, Andy Lau is an idol with an experience of 20 years as in the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards post-ceremony dinner two nights ago, he was the target of all singers whom wanted to take a photograph with him, media from all countries wanted to interview him. However a modest Andy quipped: "The singers I signed are not popular while the movies that I invested does not do well in the box office." Those present burst into laughters.

It had been 2 years since Andy released an album, thus he arrived Singapore a day in advance to have a gathering with his fans as he once again feel the love from his die-hard fans. With regards to his planning, Andy expressed that the new singers had performed well and he had gone into "enjoyment stage", "to do what he wanted to do, to try anything new, if it's nothing then he'll slow down and will not feel disappointed".

Andy expressed that he considered releasing his new songs as single in future, he added that after he completed all major activities on hand, he plan to promote the voluntary work for the Beijing Olympics Games, he also hope to invite male singers from different era to release a duet album.

Andy feel that he had a suitable role in Yik Shu's novel Tong Men for Stefanie Sun and she seize the chance to promote a new director from Singapore to Andy. However, before they could collaborate, Andy look at the pencil thin Stefanie and said: "You need to take good care of your health, you're too thin." Stefanie immediately replied: "I'm ok, ok. Everyone had see how I've age throughout the years but just that I remained so thin!"

Andy whom exclaimed that he had invited to collaborate with Stefanie in a movie for 3 years but yet nothing had come out of it. Andy exclaimed: "She just does not want to act, that's very strange." With regards to her idol's request, Stefanie expressed that she's delighted and surprised as she said: "If I was to act, the story must be a besutiful story." However, Stefanie wanted to concentrate on her singing career, with her lack of acting experience, she does not know how to pick scripts. Stefanie quipped: "I always thought that Andy doesn't mean what he said."

Similarly, Andy is the idol of Rainie Yang as she's excited to be able to meet Andy and Eason Chan. Ella of S.H.E whom was nominated for the Best Actress award in the upcoming Golden Bell Awards had been excited for a few days as she playfully threw confetti onto Andy's head to congratulate him.

Meanwhile, Supergirl's Li Yu Chun expressed that she had been listening to Andy's songs since young. Li added that Andy is her most favorite singer among the singers that attended the ceremony, however she's shy thus she does not dare to go forward to chat or take a photograph with him, she said: "It's enough that I buy his albums."

Malaysia's Most Outstanding Singer winner Gary Cao even become the guest deejay of a Malaysian radio station to interview Andy which makes Gary whom had admire Andy for many years to be so nervous until he almost doesn't know what he was saying.

news from: Min Sang Po, Taiwan's Apple Daily News, China Daily News