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| Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Many years of hardwork allowed Andy Lau to be the biggest winner at the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards with 5 awards: Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Singer, 20 Most Popular Hit Song, Top 5 of Most Popular Male Singer, Best Album and Most Popular Male Singer.

For many singers, Andy is their mega-star, so what wise words he had for the younger singers? He says: "You must be responsible for your career and fans. When many people loves you, everything you do will influence them."

Next year, Andy will be holding his solo conert in singapore, he would also organise mini-concerts, is that his fans been complaining to him that they hardly see him? He quipped that none of his fans complained thus he decided to come, if they were to complain, he would not be coming.

Andy also doesn't forget to sing praise of the Singapore fans, he says: "They're really great as they supported me for so many years. Previously I was busy filming and unable to attend award presentation ceremonies, when I was told that this year will be held in Singapore, I decided to attend as I have not meet them for a long time."

After returning to Hong Kong, Andy will help to promote voluntary work for the Beijing Olympics Games and writing a song for the games, "I'm not sure if they want my composition."

In addition, Andy is also discussing with the Korean movie industry regarding nurturing new generation directors. He says: "Till now I've yet a popular artiste under my belt, therefore my company will not manage artistes."

news from: Lianhe Zaobao