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| Sunday, October 15, 2006

Andy Lau was awarded the 2006 Asian Filmmaker of the Year at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival(PIFF), the organiser specially organised a Asian Filmmaker Night which was held at Pusan's Paradise Hotel. Andy collect his award from PIFF chairman Kim Dong Ho as the more than 100 filmmakers from all over the world gave Andy the loudest applause when he collect his award.

The reason that Andy was awarded the Asian Filmmaker of the Year award was that he set up the Focus First Cuts in early 2006 as it gave new directors in Asia a chance, it also help in the development of Asian movie industry, this project not only shake up Asia, it also shake up the movie industry all over the world as in film festivals of Venice, Rome, Cannes, Toronto, America, Japan and Korea, the films of the projects leaves trails in these film festivals.

The movie, Crazy Stone was a hit in Mainland China, it also took notice by the world as many foreign movie investor had looked differently at the directors in Focus First Cuts.

Although having won numerous awards, this is the first time that Andy collect an award as Focus Films boss, an excited Andy said when collecting his award: "I'm delighted to be awarded this award, from today onwards, when everybody see me, they will look at me as an actor, a singer, today is the first time to collect an award as a film producer, this is meaningful."

"For today's award, I hope to share the award with every crew members of my company, every new directors in Focus First Cuts, the crew members that particpated in every films, to be able to win this award, it's all because of all your crazy hardwork to achieve success, although today you're not standing here to accept everyone's applause, but I'm standing here to applause for all your hardwork."

After collecting the award, Andy specially goes to the tables of every directors that particpated in PIFF to toast a drink with them.

The 6 films of Focus First Cuts were also invited to participated in screening and competition in PIFF, among them Crazy Stone was picked to be the finale closing movie, it can be considered to be catching the limelight of the festival.

In addition, Korean vetern actor Ahn Si-kung was also present as the vice-chairman to send his congratulation to Andy and sing praise that Andy loves movies, and nurture newcomers, he admire Focus First Cuts. Ahn exclaimed that if Andy was to promote Focus First Cuts films or directors in Korea, just a telephone call, he will lend any help willingly.

Choi Si Won whom had collaborated with Andy in Battle of Wits had arranged flowers to congratulate Andy personally.

The organiser specially prepared an "abalone dinner" with more than 100 VIPs to celebrate for Andy, after using knife and fork to taste the largest abalone in Korea, Andy return to his room to rest and open the presents given to him by the Korean fans, among the 100 presents, some of them are Korean tonics and ginsengs, the fans wrote that these are for him to keep himself healthy during shooting, there are also some desserts and fruits. Andy opened them to share with his directors and friends.

This is Andy's first time in Pusan, he was busy working these few days, media reporters from Korea and around the world fighting for a chance to interview him. Other than interviews, Andy had no time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, his time is fully taken up with meetings with film distributors in Korea and all over the world. Andy had no chance to look around Pusan, luckily his hotel has a balcony to look at the Pusan beach, Andy sighed: "At least when people asked me how Pusan looked like, I know how to answer, it has a beautoful beach, haha."

Andy also exclaimed that he hope to have some free private time to allow hom to shop around, but crew members told him not to dream as when he attend an activity with Ahn Ki-sung in the afternoon, it attracted thousands of fans, when he return to his hotel, the hotel's turning door was jammed which is chaotic at the hotel, thus the best activity is to be with securities or indoors, free time shopping would be impossible.

news from: Sina.com