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| Saturday, November 11, 2006

Charlene Choi was the main cook for TVB's cooking programme Understudy Cook Cooks A Dish (literally translated) in Causeway Bay's Builtin Pro yesterday and he invited her dream lover Andy Lau to taste her cooking, she cook sweet sour pork and fried pigeon.

Charlene quipped that the feeling to be together with Andy in the kitchen is very heart warming, she said: "Andy was early, he saw I was cooking sweet sour pork, he wash the bowl first, the feel is heart warming, then we ate together, Andy then told me that we're like husband and wife."

When Charlene was cooking the sweet sour pork, Andy was holding her waist, it's so heart warming.

After tasting Charlene's dishes, he gave her high marks, he said: "Most importanly in cooking is personal taste, unexpectedly Charlene had done better than I expected, although seeing her not at ease when cooking, but the dishes tasted well." When asked if Charlene would make a good wife, he said: "Can earn money, cook well, so pretty too, what do you want, what made you say so that she don't make a good wife?"

Andy revealed that during the months of location shooting for Saviour of the Soul II, he also always cook himself, but he hate to wash the bowls thus the job was passed to Rosamund Kwan.

In addition, Andy and director Jacob Chang was interviewed when promoting A Battle of Wits, Jacob revealed that he initially objected the love relationship between Andy and Fan Bingbing, he said: "Before the war starts, love should be put aside, but I think the love looked realistic, so how can I drop it?"

When Andy was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday, he exclaimed that he really need love, when asked if he already had a steady love relationship, he quipped: "Love doesn't always means lover, it could also referred to friends and loving my job."

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, SingTao News