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| Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The auctioning for car plate always start during the summer holidays, up for grabs this round includes ANDYLAU which Andy Lau had indicated that he has no intention of bidding for it, but Peter Lam had keep Andy in the dark by bidding the car plate for him. Andy express that currently he's unsure what to do with the car plate, but he had to thank Peter's kind intention and he will hold on to the car plate.

After fans gave him AL917 car plate, recently Andy was presented another car plate by his good friend. It's bidding for car plate during the end of last month, among them includes ANDYLAU which was bidded at a price of HK$40,000. Andy whom had earlier expressed that he would bid for the car plate as he would like others with the same name to own it. It was reported that a security staff in the legislative department whom has the same name as Andy in English and Chinese would like to own it.

However, we found out that ANDYLAU is now own by Media Asia boss Peter Lam, during the auction day, he had instructed his staffs to bid for the car plate and he gave it as this year's birthday present to Andy.

When interviewed by a radio station, Andy said: "Peter gave me the car plate, I was so surprised and delighted, I never thought of bidding for this car plate, less say using my name as the car plate." As Andy's birthday falls on 27 September, his nanny car is currently using the car plate 917, he said: "This car plate is a present from my fans, they initially thought of getting 927 for me, but they failed to find it as the owner refuse to sell it, they look for a long time, I feel that the intention is more important than the number, thus 917 is fine with me." Andy added that he would not disappoint fan by dropping the AL917 and used the new ANDYLAU car plate, he says: "Currently I'm not sure how to use this car plate, for the kind intention of Peter, I'll keep this car plate."

Andy and Peter had collaborated in movies and concerts, Andy who is going to shave his hair for his upcoming re-make of The Blood Brothers, Peter is also one of the investors. According to reports in Mainland China, the female lead suppose to be Zhang Ziyi, but Andy, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro does not wish to collaborate with her, thus a new actress need to be selected. It's also alleged that diretcor Peter Chan wanted to invite Shu Qi but she has another movie on hand. Peter expressed that the scenes for the female lead could wait, he might be indicating that he's waiting for Shu Qi.

news from: Apple Daily News