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| Monday, November 06, 2006

Andy Lau had consolidate his 19-nights of world tour concerts in China which lasted one year into a Fantasy China album. Andy went to several unfamiliar cities and Chinese fans took the initiative to start a 10,000 signatures red banner activity, when the banner was handled to Andy, even the experienced Andy whom had seem all sorts of situation was touched!

Andy's world tour started in 2004 and last more than one year, shows around several cities in Mainland China which includes Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hanzhou and several other unfamiliar cities in Hefei, Linzhou and Changchun which seldom singers staged their concerts there. In order to show their support for Andy, the fans took the initiative to use their foot prints to follow Andy through the several cities and leave their mark in each individual city, thus a 10,000 signature activity. Whichever city that Andy went, there will be a red banner, but they're not there to show their anger but to search for supporting Andy fans to leave their names on the banner, after one year, the Chinese fans managed to obtain more than 10,000 signatures. When the banner was presented to Andy, he was surprised and touched.

However, the red banner is not short as when Andy unroll it in his presidential hotel room to check the signatures, the red banner was longer than the presidential hotel room, thus Andy had promise that this red banner will be kept in his fan club's office, this precious moment is also included in the Fantasy China album's VCD.

Other than performing in his concerts, Andy also tried several things that he had never tried before, take the Changchun concert for example, he took a firemen vehicle to leave the venue, because there was such a large crowd as it was filled with 30,000 people with another 10,000 people waiting outside, the securities initially wanted to cancelled the concert, but he does not wish to disappoint those audience whom had bought the tickets, thus he decided to continue with the concert, but after he sang 2 songs, it was a chaotic situation, thus he decide to end the concert early, for safety reasons, the organiser arranged a firemen vehicle for him to leave the venue thus giving him his first experience to be in a firemen vehicle.

news from: udnNews