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| Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andy Lau held his Voice of Baleno 10th Anniversary Andy Lau Concert at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre two nights ago where Taiwanese girl group S.H.E and Cheung Tak Lan were invited to be the guest performing artistes. Peter Lam, Nancy Wu, Matthew Ko and Korean popular idol Choi Si-Won whom had collaborated with Andy in A Battle of Wits were among the audience.

Andy kicked off the concert with 'Shi Nian' followed by six fast songs in 'Wo Heng Wo Chi Xin', 'Zhuan Shi Yan Lei' and others. During the concert, Andy experienced a microphone mulfunction, being experience he was not nervous as he maintained his cool thus winning applause from the audience.

Andy appeared in many different images which includes Hui Wen Keung white western suit look to sing 'Shang Hai Tan' and also had a hot sexy dance with the female dancer when he was singing Laura as he hug her waist, touches her breast, caress her legs and pat on her buttocks, the female fans were screaming out loud during the dance.

For the fans' support, Andy said: "Having been in showbiz for so many years, many friends accompanied me till this stage, fans please allow me this chance to say I Love You." He then made a promise to the fans that he will hold a concert when he's 80-years-old and asked if they could come and support him, the fans immediately replied that they would come to support him which delights Andy as he thanks the fans' support all these years. Thus, it means that Andy wil not retire even he's 80-years-old, he quipped: "Being an artiste is not easy, it's more difficult for a fan, just admit that you're Andy Lau's fan, because I'm an artiste that's worth your support!"

When Andy was singing 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing', he seize the chance to ask for votes for the upcoming year-end music award ceremonies as he wished to retain his king of the music industry tag, he says: "This is my theme song, this year will win many awards, do you have computers at home, if you have do remember to cast a vote for me, if you alone is not enough, ask all your family members to cast a vote for me as well, haha! With such response and I still can't win, the results could be fixed."

When S.H.E made an appearance, they kept singing high praise of Andy as they praise Andy is very handsome, they became fans as they requested to take photograph with Andy, they also sang a bit of 'Wang Qing Shui' to the delights of Andy.

Towards the end of the concert, the organiser broadcast a clip where Andy duet the theme song of Return of the Condor Heroes with Cheung Tak Lan at the Hong Kong Coliseum between 1988 and 1989. In the clip, Andy was wearing a golden frame glasses which looked rather nerdy, the audience burst into laughters. With Cheung's birthday round the corner, Andy gave her a boquet of flowers and sang birthday song for her. Cheung exclaimed that Andy is very thoughtful.

Andy ended the concert with 'Xie Xie Ni De Ai'. When interviewed by the media, he was asked if he had really brush across the female dancer's breast, he said: "I didn't touch it, she's a decent person, I won't do it, but I did pat her buttock."

Andy planned to hold his solo concert next year during the summer holidays, if his application is not successful, he would delayed it till 2007's Christmas or Lunar New Year in 2008. He quipped that if his application is still unsuccessful, he would go on demostration or sue them.

Andy expressed that he wanted to scold Hacken Lee for not including his name among the 10 persons to keep his wedding date (28 November) a secret but he said: "I have earlier submitted my job schedule in November and December to Hacken, thus he knows my schedule, on 22 November I will start shooting my new movie, if he would to inform me 24 hours in advance, I will attend his wedding. (So who will be the bestman?) I'm not sure too."

When asked if he would attend the upcoming music award ceremonies, he said: "I'll be location shooting overseas, it would depend if the director allow me to attend."

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