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| Saturday, November 11, 2006

Andy Lau and Jacob Chang were being interviewed when promoting A Battle of Wits as both of them talked abnout waited for 10 years for this movie.

Andy said: "Around 1995, I already knew about this comic and would hope to made it into a movie, but it didn't come true. Although it's 10 years later but I managed to understand more of the Mo's family philosphy." Jacob thinks that although it's late but the movie was still released. He said: "This movie is based on peace, there's no theme on hero which is seldom seem in Asia, I and Andy hope that this movie would alert all people." He added that no matter the movie is a success or failure, it would only attract people's discussion and their feel towards peace, I'm very satisfied.

Both of them had knew each other for more than 25 years, they had the same thinking. To them, there is no hero in this world, just like what being listed in history that all heroes are also violent, nobody could be so noble as the hero.

news from: Ta Kung Po