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| Thursday, November 09, 2006

Andy Lau and Leon Lai were the finale performers for the recent TVB Anniversary Show as they sang each other's song and duet 'Peng You' to show that their long standing friendship thus becoming the highlight of the night. However, it's allegedly reported that Leon was trying to get into the good books of Andy in order to be casted in the same movie.

The shooting of Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon would start in March 2007, Andy whom currently had Peter Chan's re-makes of The Blood Brothers and Five Venoms, he also being invited to be casted in new movies of Stanley Tang and Johnnie To, in addition to Ning Hao's new movie, Andy seems to be jam packed with filming commitments next year. It's alleged that Andy would gave up his role in Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, but the film company wanted to cast Andy as Zhao Yun, Tsui Siu Ming is willing to increase Andy's fees from $1 million to $1.2 million and prepared to drop Leon from the cast. It's allegedly reported that Leon sang Andy's 'Wang Qing Shui' is to get into Andy's good books and hope that he would convince Tsui not to drop him from the cast.

Both being heavenly kings had been competing each other in the music industry, both camps of fans are not on good terms, thus it's alleged that they're not on good terms as well. It's heard that Raymond Wong initially wanted to cast Leon in his movie Fascination Amour in 1999 but his management company asked for a heavenly price this Andy was cast in the movie instead. During the shooting of Infernal Affairs III, when Leon found out that Andy was collecting a higher fee than him, he once bang the table and wanted out. When comes to the theme song, both Andy and Leon recorded the song on their own but Andy's recording company refuse to release the song.

It's being touted in the industry that although Andy and Leon are best friends but they're "not on bad terms before, after the collaboration, they had communicate with each other more."

news from: Sina.com