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| Sunday, November 05, 2006

Korea's popular idol Choi Si Won was in Hong Kong two nights ago to promote A Battle of Wits. Just 19-years-old, this is the first movie for Choi, he had many NGs as he get nervous when he get to collaborate with his idol, Andy Lau. Being an heavenly king, Andy does not put on any airs as he was Choi's personal acting and psychological advisor. Andy also had high praise for Choi because he's courteous, keen in learning, being a newcomer, he would have a bright future!

Choi is the number archer in Liang City in A Battle of Wits, other than some arching scenes, he also had some fighting scenes, the scene that gave him the deepest impression was the fighting scene with Andy. That scene required Choi to fight against Andy, Choi was armed with a sword while Andy fight with his bare hands.

Choi said: "This being my first fighting scene, thus I don't have any experience. If I'm not careful and injured Andy, this will be very bad, I would be hated by Andy's fans, I would not forgive myself, thus I was very nervous during shooting, of course the director does not accept my performance!" On seeing the situation, Andy know about the worries of Choi, thus he went forward to tell him not to worry so much and do his best to add. Choi said: "I was so touched, because I didn't say anything, he still could understand my worries, therefore I could not disappoint him and do my very best. I imagine that he was the one whom killed my father and swipe my sword at him." The director accepted my performance in one take, Andy then sing praise of my performance and looked realistic.

Peter Chan whom had invested close to $3 million into the re-make of The Blood Brothers had inked the contracts with male leads Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro, shooting will start in the remote areas of Beijing this month. They're waiting for Andy's instructions before reporting to the drama until to get their head shaven. Peter revealed that he once approached Shu Qi to be the female lead but she had another project with John Woo, thus Zhang Ziyi will be casted for the female lead and awaiting for her approval.

In addition, Andy whom earlier planned to collaborate with Stephen Fung to re-make Lung Kong's Upright Repenter in Story of a Discharged Prisoner revealed in an interview with Commerical Radio that the collaboration is off due to copyright issue. Stephen also confirmed on this matter when retify through telephone, but he would like to collaborate a triad movie with Andy in July 2007 currently named as 'Ben Se' but it would not take Upright Repenter or A Better Tomorrow as its blueprint.

news from: Sing Pao, Sun News, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News