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| Friday, November 03, 2006

Andy Lau whom had been always supporting the movie industry, feel that Hong Kong's movie industry is lacking new and creative ideas, it should produce some movie with Hong Kong's flavours. When he was being interviewed by Commercial Radio, he revealed that he would invest HK$6 million in movies for the next 3 years, he hope to produce some movies with Hong Kong flavour.

He said that he would cast himself in the movies if they're suitable and slowly earning back his fees. He admitted he's more biased of his company's movies with good theme, whereas for major production from outside, he would not reduce his asking fees.

Other than movies, Andy initially planned to held his solo concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year, but he could not get a continuous 20-nights time slot thus he could only wait for his application for the time slot in October and November 2007. In August next year, he would start his concert's world tour before returning to Hong Kong as the last stop, it could be at least 15 nights.

In addition, Andy would be releasing his Fantasy China Concert Live CD in Taiwan, which will be the making and collection of his 19 nights' performance. The fans could watch his care-free character, although he could not feast on the food and have fun as a normal person, he could also enjoy himself at the backstage area and during the concert, he exclaim that he's very lucky and fortunate.

The album also comes with a World Tour Lifestyle Magazine VCD, which includes sleeping with the teddy bear, sewing his own clothes, stretching his body, fly kite and several other images.Andy expressed that most unforgettable was the teddy bear on his bed of the presidential hotel room. As Andy is more used to sleeping alone, thus after taking a photograph with the teddy bear on the bed, then the teddy bear could only sit on the chair.

The Fantasy China Concert lasted from 2004 to 2005, Andy spent 2 Mid-Autumn Festvals and birthdays, he celebrated his birthday on the private jet plane, fly kite on the concert venue rooftop, he also discover fans hide behind the stage for hours in order to see him but they were chased away by the security. Andy said: "After so many Mid-Autumn Festvals and birthdays, this is my first experience to celebrate my birthday with so many people, there's another time celebrating in the air."

Andy expressed that there was once 10 minutes before his first concert starts, his assistant found out that his costume was not straight and suggested to iron for him, but the costume was damaged due to the high temperature of the iron, therefore Andy scold him and had to wear another costume. All these scenes will be included in the making of VCD of 12 minutes.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, udn news