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| Friday, December 22, 2006

Protege, a collaborative efforts by two Hong Kong Film Awards' Best Directors in Peter Chan and Derek Yee for 2007's Lunar New Year, it will bring all into the world of drugs as it revealed the truth about drugs. It took 3 years for director Derek to prepare for the movie, the preparation includes long time spent on researching, getting in contact with those whom were taking drugs or active in the drug circle, therefore this movie will be very realistic! The realistic and shocking trailer and poster chose to be released during the Christmas holidays.

The movie has a cast of Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen and Zhang Jing Chu. In the movie, Andy is the secretive drug lord Brother Kun whom thought of retiring as he slowly reveal his business secret in order to nurture Daniel as his successor.....

The cast threw away their idol images to get involved with drugs in the movie, every artistes did their own research as no wonder director Derek could exclaim: "Protege is a movie with "no stars, only actors" production!"

Protege will be the main choice of movie to watch during the Lunar New Year as it's fixed that it would be screened on the 1900 hrs and 2100 hrs time slot on 13 Feb 2007, it would open in cinemas on Valentines' Day 14 Feb 2007 in Hong Kong, Mainland China major cities, Taiwan and Singapore in order to usher the Lunar New Year.

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