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| Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Andy Lau specially went to support Jan Lam's Jan Lamb 30 Something Wrong Talk Show and went onstage to joke with Jan.

When Jan was discussing about being Andy's cabinet members and Andy running to be the Chief Executive, the giant screen broadcast Andy's image as he had just return from location shooting in Beijing causing a commotion. Only then Jan knew that Andy was present.

Andy was dragged onstage by Jan. Jan asked Andy why he love to have one hand on his bum and fingers pointing up the sky while he was singing, Andy replied: "No matter what, my fingers will be pointing up to the sky. When I'm wearing headphone, both my hands will be pointing up the sky." Jan then asked Andy why did he stayed to watch the whole talk show, Andy quipped: "If I didn't watch the whole show, how would I know what you've talked about me!", as the audience burst into laughters.

Jan then expressed that he wanted to give one of the giant Lambear to Andy as Andy picked the green bear.

In the end, Jan invited 2 fans onto the stage to photograph with Andy and the giant Bear Bear on the stage, before escorting Andy off the stage.

news from: Sun News, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao