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| Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Chinese Filial Activities Committee announced 20 nominees for "China's showbiz Top 10 Filial Son", Hong Kong actor, singer Andy Lau was among them.

The reason that Andy was picked as being a heavenly king megastar, he's also a filial son. He has high respect for his parents and the 50 elders staying in the elderly home also occupied a position in his heart. He used his influence in showbiz to encourage his fans to be filial to their parents, he's spreading the "filial message" to the media.

Andy cherish his time spent with his parents as he would always dine with them whenever he returned to Hong Kong. Furthermore, he had a principle of allocating 10 days each year to tour with his parents.

In normal days, he would think of all ways to make his parents happy. Every year's Father's Day, he would bring his parents to his fan club gathering to celebrate the occasion with more than 1,000 fans. Andy also kneel down to present a giant cake to his father, he also personally wrote "fortunate to be your son" on a T-shirt which delights his father.

Andy's apartment beside his parents thus the easy communication. In order to accompany his parents, he specially made both apartments to be adjoined, he said: "We're a family."

Using his own influence in showbiz, Andy teaches his fans to be filial. Early this year, there was report that a crazy fan of 12 years wanted her father to donate his kidney in order to raise funds for her to meet Andy in Hong Kong. Andy was stunned as he replied through the media that the girl's action is "not correct, abnormal, not healthy and not filial" and he would not entertain her as he hate people whom are not filial. When told of Andy's message, the girl teared and exclaimed that Andy's message woke her up as she promise that she will treat her parents well.

Words from Andy: "No matter how huge the popularity of the children, never forget that you're just a normal person in-front of your parents. You must have a filial heart to treat your parents and allow them to feel your love."

The result would be announced in 16 January 2007.

news from: ent163.com, Ta Kung Po