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| Friday, January 12, 2007

Andy Lau return to Hong Kong after his location shooting in Beijing, a large group of fans welcome him at the airport. Andy was all smiles and appeared in a happy mood. Recently, it was alleged in the Internet that Andy and Jay Chou were not on good terms as they hold grudge against each other.

A netizen revealed in his personal website that 9 years ago, before Jay became popular, he wrote a song 'Yan Lei Zi Dao' for Andy and was turn down thus hurt the feelings of Jay, this song then became the hit song of Landy Wen.

After so many years, Jay has become the music genius of Taiwan, it was pointed out that Andy approached him for a new song but was turned down by Jay as he could not forget Andy's rejection thus he quoted a NT$100 million price to Andy which was immediately turned down by Andy.

According to records, Andy indeed approached Jay for song in 2001 and Jay composed a song for Andy in a short time which was included in Andy's album but not considered a hit song, thus that particular song was not well received.

When Andy's company was contacted, its spokesman expressed that they had not heard of such allegations, thus would not reply to it.

When reporters contact Jay, he discard this allegation as there would be a standard price for writing songs, how could such a heavenly price came about, if friends approached him for song, he would also lowered his asking price. In addition, Andy is his idol, if he would to approach him for a song, how would he reject him. Jay added that the allegation is too far-fetched.

Jet Li whom is collaborating with Andy for the first time in This Violent Land (Ci Ma), they get along very well. Jet revealed that Andy would be helping him to do voluntary work for his charity foundation. He says: "Andy is a very outstanding Hong Kong actor, we get along well during location shooting for past few days. He have already more than 130 movies to his name, his total box office collection is more than HK$70 million, that's incredible! With such high achievements, to be able to collaborate with him delights me, although we're collaborating for the first time, when I brought up to him during the press conference about my charity foundation, he already agreed to do voluntary work for me, giving me a hand to do well in my charity work"

news from: Guang Ming Daily, udn news, Sun News