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| Thursday, January 11, 2007

Produced by Peter Chan and directed by Derek Yee, The Protege will be screened during this year's Valentines' Day. As Valentines' Day collide with the Lunar New Year, thus this drug theme movie would be one of the rare "special" Lunar New Year movie. Female lead Anita Yuen exclaimed that this movie would be unforgettable for her whole life as she is the mother of two daughters in the movie, she's also pregnant, this is a performance of her with her new life.

Initially, when director Derek talked about approaching Anita for the movie, he says: "Initially approaching her, she agreed immediately, actually I'm worried as I asked her to discuss with her family members and her doctor if she could handle? Her doctor gave her the permission thus confirm that she will be in the cast."

Anita expressed the feeling of shooting during her pregnancy was like "an additional mate in war", she said: "This mate in war is not only opponent that simple, whereas it's my baby in my stomach, when I'm agitated during shooting, she would also react, it's like 2 person acting together." This feeling is unforgettable to her.

Even her husband in the movie - Andy Lau also had a special feeling, because there's one scene that he need to feel Anita's stomach, when he felt the reaction of the baby, it allow Andy to be more concentrated in his acting.

news from: yule.sohu.com