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| Monday, January 15, 2007

Andy Lau and Eason Chan whom won Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male Singer and Most Popular Male Singer respectively.

This is Andy's seventh win as Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male Singer but he exclaimed that he still has space for improvement, with Twins writing their own music, he also hope to write his own music as he had won the Songwriter-Singer award again. He wish to win next year's Golden Hit Song with a song that he composed the music and composed the lyrics, that would be prefect.

Another target is to win Most Popular Male Singer, Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male Singer and Golden Hit Song awards at the same time. Andy quipped: "Although it's difficult, but I want to do it. Since winning the Most Popular Male Singer in 2000, I've lose it. Eason, be careful of a popular male singer like me!"

With regards to Eric Tsang revealing that he would announce his marriage once he won the three awards at the same time, Andy clarify: "This stunt is useless to me, I have never say such stuffs, it cannot be mixed together with marriage, winning awards is because that I put all my efforts into my singing, it does not comes with any conditions."

Meanwhile Andy whom had been busy with work had no chance to collect his best man red packet from Hacken Lee, thus Hacken gave him a $10,000 red packet to him.

news from: MingPao, Ta Kung Po