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| Saturday, January 13, 2007

Derek Yee's new movie The Protege although has a drug trafficking theme, but without much censor it manage to get through the Mainland China's films censorship board, it's confirmed to open in the cinemas on 13 Feb, the same day as Hong Kong.

When contacted on the phone, Derek exclaimed that he was unexpected that the movie was passed by the censorship board, he says: "During shooting, I've follow my main objective, I knew that the whole movie was to bring out what harm drugs can bring and not encourage people to try drugs, thus it should not be a problem." He added that he would lead the cast to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to promote the movie.

It was heard that the movie company is focusing on the promotion of The Protege as the company would release 2 different posters in the cinemas.

news from: Sun News