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| Sunday, February 18, 2007

The 3 leaders in Hong Kong music industry - Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee send their Chinese New Year greetings on the first day of Chinese New Year with lion heads, they wish all Oriental Daily readers all dreams come true! Eason and Hacken whom had married were carrying lion head and distributing red packets to Andy!

Three of them like to "play" when comes to performing, even the more than 10 pounds lion head they still carry on playing, Andy also become the "leader" to instruct Eason and Hacken to raise the lion head, they also made mischevious pose.

Then Hacken and Eason transform into "Most Popular God of Fortune" to disrtibute red packets to Andy whom wish Hacken: "Wish your first child is a son, if it's a daughter it would be as pretty as your wife, gathering the wits and beauty to become little Hacken!"

Andy then wishes Eason: "Hope you continue to shine on your music career." Eason and Hacken then wishes Andy: "Hope you find a wife quick and borne children, officially can distribute red packets!"

With the 2 men talking to each other, it seems that this year's music industry will be doing very well.

news from: Oriental Daily News