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| Thursday, February 22, 2007

The box office takings for this year's Chinese New Year movies are better than previous years with Night At The Museum collecting HK$19,939,006 after 6 days of screening to become the box office champion, it's expected to break the $30,000,000 mark.

Although another Western movie - Music And Lyrics is having advance screening but it managed to collect $2,649,090 after 7 days. Animation movie Open Season collected $2,378,426 after 6 days of screening and Charlotte's Web collected $2,375,749 after 4 days of screening.

For Hong Kong production wise, Protege has the best result with $14,936,130 after 8 days of screening to become the box office champion for Hong Kong movies. It's a Wonderful Life, directed by Ronald Cheng collected $4,707,711 after 7 days of screening and Twins' Twin Mission collected $3,237,953 after 6 days of screening.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News