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| Sunday, February 18, 2007

Workaholic Andy Lau always has a tight schedule every year, this year is no exception as his work schedule is packed from beginning of the year to the end of the year, other than shooting of This Violent Land (Ci Ma) and Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, in the middle of the year he will start his concert tour in Mainland China, currently 20 shows, this does not includes the 15 nights of concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum during the Christmas holiday. On singing wise, Andy plans to release one Mandarin and Cantonese album, he also accepted 5 commercials from Hong Kong and China, several commercials still in the process of discussion.

With so many work, of course earn lots of money, calculating his $1,20000,000 asking fee for a movie, $1,0000,000 for a commercial and $1000,000 for every night concert earning, a rough calculation would add up to earning more than $1 billion for this year, Andy quipped: "Calculating for me already? Are you trying to steal the job of my accountant?" When asked if the figure is more than what he earn for last year, he said: "I really don't know, actually I never calculate every year, my company will help me manage my finance, I seldom look at the figures, I just know how to work, work and work, haha!" So what's the figure for your most fruitful year? He said: "I'm scared that you'll rob me, I'm not telling you."

Knowing how to earn money, must also know how to spend money, if not it's just a game of numbers, Andy said that he had a spending formula, his flow of earnings is the same for every year, one part for his parents, one part for investment funds, one part for the functioning of the company, he says: "The investment fund is an headache, I'm unsure, anyway most of the money will be deposit aside as funding, it's still stable, prepare for the future. I seldom carry many cash on me, I tried without any money, because I've no chance to use money."

news from: Apple Daily News