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| Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Before the Chinese New Year, Andy Lau was in Beijing location shooting for Ci Ma. When he took Chinese New Year photograph, he need to wear a snow hat and long thermal clothings as Beijing was extremely cold however when he return to Hong Kong to spend his Chinese New Year holiday, it was hot and he need to wear short sleeve throughout the holidays. No matter the differences in weather, he's most delighted to spend the holiday with his family.

Yesterday was the third day of Chinese New Year, Andy whom wore a snow hat and black sunglasses appeared at the airport as he was going to set off to Shanghai to continue shooting of Ci Ma. A number of fans were there to send him off and prepared to give him red packets.

For the past few days he accompanied his parents and collected red packets from them, he said: "I didn't collect much red packets that contain money, I didn't visit anyone, thus not much money collected." After touching down in Shanghai, he still need to take a 3-hours car ride to the shooting venue, he estimated that he would stay there for 3 weeks, there would be around 600 crew members, he had prepared 1000 red packets for distribution.

Andy also shared his first and second day of Chinese New Year celebration on his website - www.awc618.com with his fans. For the 2 days, many came to visit him. On the second day of Chinese New Year, Michael Miu, Kent Cheng and his colleagues came. They play penalty kicks and Michael was the biggest winner as Andy lost a few thousands dollars but he's still very happy as he won Mark Six lottery for the first time! The Mark Six ticket was given to him by his former assistant Alex in red packet and strike 3 numbers to win $20. He said: "Many thanks to Alex, this is my first time to strike Mark Six, some good luck in the new year is hard to come by, I specially took a photograph to remember this occassion." In addition, he also show the photograph of his blossom peach flower in his living room.

Andy know that Jet Li had set up One Charity Foundation, as he collaborate with him in Ci Ma, Jet had explained the details and reason of his foundation which Andy feel that it's very meaningful and Jet is very noble and he would like to do his part thus he asked his fans to response to Jet's plea, he says: "Jet told me that being a Chinese, one must do something for the country. Myself being a Chinese too, hope that myself being fortunate, every Chinese can also be fortunate. Everyone just need to donate $1, without any effect on yourself and could help others. The charity funds that were managed by Red Cross, I'm also very confident that these funds can be used properly to help build a better life, therefore putting one unreleased song (he rewrote the lyrics for a children song - 'Shi Er Ge Wei Sheng Mo' )onto the web for fans to download for free, hope they will automatically donate $1 or more after download the song to support this charity foundation."

Andy whom was nominated for Best Actor with Running On Karma in RTHK's Hong Kong Special Administrative 10th Anniversary Film Selection, he express: "Of course I hope to win, I also hope that every of my movie could touched people's heart!"

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