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| Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It was said that Andy Lau changed his usual image and improved his acting in Protege, one said: "He also didn't acted well in the past, however I'm a hardworking actor." So what does Andy think of himself?

He and Ho Mei Ting were promoting Protege in Guangzhou and he finally told reporters what he think within his heart.

At the Guangzhou press conference, a lot of questions related to acting were directed at Andy. It clearly shows that he's used to such questions. In the interview that follows, although he's more truthful but reporters still feel that he's unhappy as his smile is hidden with sigh. Andy said that he despise his own acting: "Nobody ever said that I acted well, to be able to hold on till today is not easy."

He said that he's afraid that people referred him as an idol, whenever he heard this remark, he would have a sour feeling. He expressed that although he didn't show off this side of him but he's still aware of such comments. Andy sighs: "No matter how well I act, people will still refer me as an idol." After saying this, Andy brings up Fan Bingbing whom collaborated with him in A Battle Of Wits, "She's the same as me, maybe it's due to our looks, people just confirmed that we're idol and cannot act."

Although he despise his acting, but that didn't make him lose his confidence. He gave himself 99 marks for his performance as Kun in Protege as he used his own acting methods for this character. "In the past I will act as per to what the director told me to, meanwhile I came out with my own expression for Kun, on acting, everything is my idea, Derek Yee gave me a large space. Derek trusted me too much, other than telling me his requirements on the first day, the following days he just tell me ' Very good, this will do'. Such trust is very important to me, therefore this movie can be considered as my own stuff, if everyone don't like it, this means that my way of expression is wrong." He gave an example, in the Kun commit suicide scene, I've my own recreation, I made the character's feeling lighter, "Because the scene where he parted ways with Anita Yuen is touching enough."

Andy added that Kun is rather similar to him, he said: "Other than the different identity, I feel that I'm similar to him, believe in friends, love own family, despise certain areas. Actually I hope to select a character whom mentality is similar to himself, the same attitude to love in Love On A Diet, to be a good person in Infernal Affairs, I'm also thinking very hard how to be a good actor. (burst into laughters)"

Throughout his long acting career, which character did he like the most. His answer is rather surprising, he said: "The fatso in Love On A Diet."

During the 4 heavenly king era, Jacky Cheung can sing, Aaron Kwok can dance, Leon Lai is handsome, whereas Andy's remark is "a hardworking actor". Andy does not like this remark, he said: "They didn't sing praise of me, thus they said I'm hardwroking." With regards to Jacky and Leon making an return and Aaron kept winning Best Actor awards, Andy also doesn't have much feeling: "That era had passed, 4 heavenly kings is just a memory."

With regards to the "production line cut" in Hong Kong showbiz, Andy thinks that its because the younger artistes had less chances and space. "Both me and Tony Leung Chiu Wai acted for more than 20 years, so many movies to our name, but my movies would not do as well as Chow Yun Fat's movies. Thus said, these young actor did act quite well, but in the past we have a few good movies per year, they don't have the chance now." With regards to who could take over his place, Andy said that it depend on fate: "I'm lucky, with regards to whether this batch of new actors to become megastars, it would depend on their luck."

After Protege, Andy whom's currently shooting Ci Ma, followed by Zhao Zhilong. Andy explain that he does not consider whether there will be a breakthrough, just consideration of whether the script is good or bad, "If the script is good, my face, outlook will leave to the director to decide, anyway all directors are thinking of how to make Andy Lau not look like Andy Lau." With regards to the word hardworking, Andy still have some objections to make: "I'm not only hardworking during work, I'm one whom willing to sacrifice myself." Therefore, he would be acting some characters that would harm his image in order to win awards or make breakthrough. He said: "I'm an actor but I'm also a human, if this character will affect my lifestyle, no matter winning what Best Actor award, I will not accept it, because for a very evil character, my parents and fans would not be happy after watching it."

Andy also expressed that the preparation works for the second Focus First Cuts is undergoing, he says: "Focus First Cuts is the important segment of my company, although I'm currently busy with shooting, but my company had started planning. The most headache is still budget, we still need to raise funds from different ways. Therefore before the funds were raised, we still had nothing being confirmed."

news from: www.ycwb.com, yule.sohu.com