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| Saturday, February 10, 2007

A collaboration of two Hong Kong Films Awards directors, Derek Yee and Peter Chan's Protege held its premiere and oepning ceremony at Times Square. Those whom attended included Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Anita Yuen, director Derek and producer Peter. Fans of the 3 handsome leads were also present to support their individual idol, however it can be seen that majority of them were Andy's fans as they would screamed non-stop whenever Andy appears.

To symbolise Protege's warm arrival, the organiser arranged a light-up ceremony where Anita appeared clumsy when being passed the torch, maybe the fire was too strong. Meanwhile, Andy whom always supported sportsman immediately imitate a sportsman holding the torch of fire.

Anita whom had recently gave birth was wearing a 4" high stiletto, she suddenly stopped when climbing up the steps of the stage, it was initially thought that something happened to her, but later found out that she stepped onto a sticker and was waiting for someone to help her. On seeing the situation, Andy immediately went forward to help her.

Andy specially flew back from Beijing to attend the premiere as he expressed that he had watched the movie, when asked if he's nervous of the movie, he answered: "Actually I'm nervous for every of my movie." Andy is a drug lord in the movie, there is a scene where he committed suicide by cutting the nerves on his throat, is he worried that the scene would be uncomfortable for the audience, Andy expressed that the scene was shot from long distance thus it would not be scary. Andy was also delighted that the movie which bring the message of the harm that drugs brings to one was passed through film censorship board of Mainland China and Malaysia with few cuts.

When talked about the director's hoping that someone from the cast would be nominated for awards, Andy said: "It's ok, it's not important whether one get nominated a not!" It was pointed out by Derek that Andy had thrown away his burden as an idol for the movie, Andy then quipped that he was still an idol as he remind Derek to approach him if he had intention of shooting Full Throttle.

In addition, there was reports that Andy was hoping to collaborate with Korean actor Lee Byung Hun. Andy exclaimed that they just get in contact with each other, with his current tight movie schedule, he currently would not have time, of course he would like to collaborate with him.

With regards to allegation that he was suffering from hair loss, Andy pointed out that the report used two photographs as comparison but actually both photographs were taken on the same day, he understand that the magazine was trying to catch attention but their reporting is too poor.

It was announced that Andy was nominated for Best Actor in the upcoming Asian Film Awards for his performance in A Battle of Wits, he would be vying with Rain and Chang Chen. Andy expressed that if it could impove movie's development, it had already achieved A Battle of Wit's 'universal love' theme, it should not fight for awards, thus even not nominated for Hong Kong Films Awards, he's also very happy.

news from: SingPao, Ming Pao, Sun News